DigPilot® is compatible with RotoTilt® and EngCon®

Tiltrotator is a tool for excavators as efficient tool carriers through a growing range of machine couplings, tiltrotators, control systems, tools and smart solutions, all based on the operator's needs.


A tiltrotator is a very useful and flexible accessory that is mounted between the arm and bucket of an excavator or wheel loader. This device gives the machine the ability to rotate the tool or accessory 360 degrees and tilt it up to 45 degrees in each direction (so a total of 90 degrees). This gives the machine operator much greater flexibility and precision in the work, and makes it possible to carry out more complex tasks without having to move the machine itself.


DigPilot reads rotation data from Tiltrotator and EngCon® and will provide accurate measurement and visualization regardless of twist and angle on the LOCALIZER™ module in DigPilot® - the program automatically detects where in the world the construction machine is located and suggests relevant geoid models and transformations for the area.


RotoTilt® has developed a range of machine linkages, tiltrotators and control systems that help improve efficiency, agility and precision in working with excavators. This means that the operators can take on several types of assignments with the right setup for a safe and productive working day​​.

RotoTilt® has introduced a brand new series of tiltrotators that provide optimal operating experience, energy efficiency and precision. They continue to innovate and expand their product offering to meet the growing demands for technology, ease of use and advanced control systems in the excavator industry.


Advantages with tiltrotator:


Flexibility and precision:

The tiltrotator enables the machine operator to maneuver accessories such as buckets, clamps, hammers and other tools with great precision. This is particularly useful in tight spaces or places with limited access.


Increased productivity:

With a tiltrotator, the machine operator can perform a wider range of tasks, and the work is more efficient as it is not necessary to reposition the machine as often. This leads to increased productivity and reduced operating costs.


Reduced wear and tear:

Since the machine does not need to be moved as often, wear and tear on both the machine and the environment is reduced. This can also help to reduce fuel consumption.



The tiltrotator can also contribute to increased safety in the workplace by reducing the need for manual handling and by giving the operator better control over tools and accessories.


Compatible systems:

Many tiltrotators come with integrated control systems that allow for seamless operation and control, and they can often be integrated with the machine's existing hydraulic and electrical systems.



Tiltrotator - an essential part of modern machinery


Tiltrotators are ideal for a variety of jobs including, but not limited to, digging, grading, drilling, lifting, demolition and road construction.


Tiltrotators have become an essential part of modern excavator and wheel loader equipment, helping to make these machines more versatile and efficient on the job site. There are several manufacturers offering tiltrotators, each with their own unique features and specifications, giving operators a wide range of choices to meet their specific needs.


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