DigPilot Office

DigPilot Office is the core of our 3D machine control and acts as a platform for managing sites, uploading files to and from the construction machines, upgrading software in DigPilot's various modems and securing data.

Transfer planfiles to the machines

The engineer who creates the project files for the site uploads them to the DigPilot Office server. At the same time, he sends a message (much like an SMS) to the machines in question, asking them to load project files. The driver applies and is immediately ready for work. A project file can be read in several different formats. Whether it is Land XML, Kof or Dxf the DigPilot rover is capable of reading these. DigPilot uses only open file formats.

Document your work

The driver stores and document coordinates on the site, which uploads directly from the machine to DigPilot Office. The project engineer picks them up here.


Checking and documentation of the excavator's accuracy

The coordinates of benchmarks on the site are uploaded to DigPilot Office. The site creator sets how often the drivers should check the accuracy of the machines; daily or weekly. Driver immediately receives an "approved", "partially approved", "unapproved" symbol stored with coordinates and delta values ​​in the DigPilot office. The accuracy of the given machine is documented in DigPilot Office with the date stamp.

Securing machine data

The data for all DigPilot 3D machine controls is uploaded each morning the system boots up and is stored in the cloud. With a couple of touches, lost machine data can be reloaded  and the machine is immediately operational.

With a large number of DigPilot systems spread across Europe, this has proven to be an invaluable feature.


Messages sent to the machines from management, reply back

Text messages can be sent directly to the driver through DigPilot Office. The driver responds directly from the machine.



The driver must be able to document his work in the best possible way.


  • Create a file and name it. For example: Drain.
  • Continue with a description of your file. For example: Pipe nr 5.

Then place the center of the bucket where border pole 1 is to be placed and press "Measure" in your DigPilot PC. Continue documenting every corner in the same matter. All documentation is stored in the created file in DigPilot Office.

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