DigPilot Machine Control

We have extensive experience with machine control over GNSS. That's why we're proud of our products, from DigPilot software to base cabinets.

With good knowledge of our products, we are more than happy to help you get started with machine control over the internet and satellites.

The systems that run GNSS have very good accuracy and can in principle be controlled from anywhere in the world.


DigPilot is connected with a sensor set. For maximum flexibility, we also offer wireless sensor sets. Streamline the construction site with products from us! We have broad knowledge and long experience with everything in surveying and machine control.

You will find us in Oslo, well located near the E6 at Furuset.

We at Gundersen & Løken are experts in DigPilot systems and equipment.


Our DigPilot products



PC software is updated regularly and new features are added.
Connectors are secured into the frame. 
Hardened glass prevents scratches and broken screen.



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CAn bus Sensors

The sensors are at the peak of what can be offered on the market today and they are constantly evolving. Specially developed for use in rough working areas and in all types of weather.


All components are waterproof. Sensors and cables are also specified to be able to operate under water several meters down. IP69K.

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Specified for those who want to move the system between multiple construction machines. Up to 20 different construction equipment can be installed in a DigPilot system.


The sensors communicate using radio signals and therefore need no cables.



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DigPilot 3D GNSS maskinstyring

Preset options for connection to internet / radio base.
GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO & BEIDOU available as standard. 4G modem integrated

DigPilot is a mobile system:
Push / pull connectors makes it easy to plug the cables.
The rover is waterproof and can therefore be mounted on magnets outside the cabin.

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Digpilot Stationary  RTK-provider

GNSS-reciever: Septentrio AsteRx SB (GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+BeiDou)

UHF-radio: Satel Satelline EASy Pro 35 W

4G-modem: Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50X

Teamviewer remote control

Correction signals delivered through UHF-radio og NTRIP

Surge protection on all antenna connectors

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-Wireless sensors-

-move between 20 different construction machines-




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