DigPilot 3D Excavator


Our vision:


We aim to provide the most innovative, compatible, user-friendly, and robust 3D system at a competitive price.


DigPilot is a Norwegian-developed product with components designet to withstand the toughest challenges posed by nature and machinery.

Why choose DigPilot 3D Machine-control?

  • DigPilot provides access to GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo.
  • DigPilot reads all relevant file formats, including KOF, LandXML and DXF
  • DigPilot is compatible with Rototilt and engcon, with rotation angles visualized for accurate measurements in 360 degrees.
  • Load multiple projects in different formats simultaneously. DigPilot will automatically measure against the selected plane, point or line.
  • You can save up to 20 machines per PC, and a 3D system can be transferred between machines in just 10 minutes.
  • A docking station for the PC is available. 
  • Supports English, Norwegian, German and Polish languages.
  • Automatic machine localization worldwide.
  • DigPilot likely offers the market's best graphics.
  • In DigPilot, you can quickly choose between saved buckets, and it's easy to add new ones.
  • Short distance to all functions - swipe, pan, and zoom directly on the robust 10-inch Juniper Mesa Pro screen.
  • Compatible with Infrakit and RigelMap.
  • Easily exchange files in and out via DigPilot online.
  • Create your own plans, points, and lines directly from the machine.
  • Exact coordinates for selected measurement points are displayed on the screen.
  • Installation time is 5 hours.