Preset options for connection to internet / radio base.
Circuit boards are made at Hadeland Products (Hapro), Norway's second largest electronics manufacturer.

digpilot is a mobile system

Push / pull connectors makes it easy to plug the cables.
The rover is waterproof and can therefore be mounted on magnets outside the cabin.

The rover is easily moved between excavators mounted with a DigPilot PC and/or sensors, both wired or wireless.



Read DigPilot Office


DigPilot blends the unique benefits of wireless or wired sensors with digital line models (Landxml) terrain models.


  • Support for all satellite constellations.
  • Wireless file transfer through DigPilot Office serves you as the customer the best user experience.


With DigPilot machine control mounted you can excavate 30% faster and completely accurate.

That's a good argument for buying DigPilot machine control.


Look at the picture to the right: Distance to lines and surfaces are visible in "one glance" on the screen.


The picture to the right displays how the buckets measuring point intersects and breaks over the terrain, longitudinally and transversely of the boom.

The picture to the left displays how the buckets measuring point intersects and breaks over the terrain, longitudinally and transversely of the boom.

The picture to the left displays which layer you are working in.
(-2.3_Filter- / Frost protection) tells which layer you are currently working on.
PN = project number.
IK = inner edge (nearest line towards the middle of the road).
YK = outer edge (nearest line from the middle of the road).
centers_F = center line.

The picture to the left displays the vertical distance to the project ground measured in meters.

DigPilot reads project files without any kind of conversion.

Compatible formats:


- Landxml line models
- Terrain models
- KOF files and DXF


DigPilot can therefore work side by side on the same sites as competing systems.

DigPilot is a maintenance-free system. There are rarely cases where service personnel are called out to the machines at the sites.


DigPilot 3D can be moved between construction machines, such as Dozers and Excavators.
After the sensorbrackets are mounted, the machine is calibrated and approved for work, you may move the system. Sensors, PC and rover take no more than a few minutes to move.

DigPilot 3D Machine Control is online all the time.

Synchronization with the associated cloud service; DigPilot Office internet platform ensures that the latest version of the project is installed. Projects are uploaded to the driver and documentation is similarly sent to the dedicated project file in DigPilot Office. The site manager can send a message directly to the driver, to which they can respond.

Read more about this: DigPilot Office

In addition to DigPilot being the cheapest machine controller on the market, we cover all features other systems have in addition to some more.
We have got the cheapest support service. Software and hardware have been developed in Norway, specially adapted for use in extreme weather conditions.

  • DigPilot 3D machine control is online at all time
  • It takes a maximum of one day for a man to mount a DigPilot 3D on an excavator,
    calibrate the machine and check the coordinates.
  • The entire 3D system can be moved in minutes between your machines.
  • DigPilot can be mounted on a new machine by the customer self.
  • DigPilot 3D does NOT use proper file formats.