CAN bus Sensors

The sensors are at the peak of what can be offered on the market today and they are constantly evolving.

Specially developed for use in rough working areas and in all types of weather.



All components are waterproof. Sensors and cables are also specified to be able to operate under water several meters down. IP69K.



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The accelerometer provides the sensors with real-time movement. The gyro helps stabilize the sensor value ​​during extreme impacts.

For example, if you slam the bucket to the ground, a steady value is displayed because the vibrations are filtered away, but if you move the arm  fast in / out or boom up / down the graphics will appear in real time.


Exposed sensors such as bucket sensor are protected with a powerful steel cage as seen in the picture above.

DigPilot is a mobile system

Sensors and cables can easily be replaced by the customer. Cables with "push / pull" connector make this easily accessible.

If a sensor is replaced, the new one automatically finds its place in the sensor chain when connected and you can begin  your work directly.


Wired and wireless sensors are mounted in the same bracket. No extra installation  except cables if you want to change sensor type on a machine.