Overskrift 2

PC software is updated regularly and new features are added.
Connectors are secured into the frame. 
Hardened glass prevents scratches and broken screen.

DigPilot is a mobile system:
The PC is mounted on a rotating arm and is easily moved to the next machine. A powerful pinch screws it in place within seconds.

DigPilot Localizer :

Countries are divided into several zones in the coordinate systems due to the earth's orbit and rotation.
With DigPilot Localizer, your system will always register which zone you are in.
Unnecessary zones are filtered out by Localizer.

DigPilot Localizer will detect projection and geoid model information in the project, and select it in the machine control accordingly.

Create your own projects

One of the many unique and innovative aspects of DigPilot is that you can create your own projects using only the DigPilot PC and the excavator.

Trench, wall, profile or a flatland and many more types of projects are easily specified according to your requirements by following the simple instructions that appear on the screen.
This can be done in both 2D and 3D.

The advantage of the 3D version is that you can use the GNSS to indicate exactly where in the world the project is using coordinates, so you do not have to reference the height every time you move the machine.

You can also make more complicated projects such as building pits, roads and ditches.

This means that you do not need to send project files in order to benefit from the DigPilot GNSS. Set out your own coordinates with the bucket and DigPilot draws the outer edges and the floor.


Creating your own projects directly in DigPilot 3D maximizes the yield of your rover even when you do not have project files available.

Create your own projects from A to B. Examples of projects:

Plane, Single/double slope, Trench ,building pit, Profile

... or set out an infinite number of points with the bucket make the DigPilot draw lines between them.

Full 3D view

DigPilot 3D mounted on the machine gives you full control over your work.

  • Easily switch between the different layers of the project.

  • View the project from several different angles and distances.

  • Add a background map to get more lines.

  • Switch between seeing the machine and the project

 in a 3D perspective, vertical from above ar in profile.

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