Specified for those who want to move the system between multiple construction machines.

Up to 20 different construction equipment can be installed in a DigPilot system.

200+ hours in one single charge

The sensors communicate using radio signals and therefore need no cables. DigPilot is the only machine control provider in the world that offers sensors both with and without cables.

The wireless and wired sensors fit in the same bracket.

The sensors are charged overnight once a week.

Fully charged, they stay powered for over 200 hours.



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DigPilot 3D saves costs compared to other options:

Several of our customers with 2,3 or 4 machines move one or two 3D systems between their machines when needed.

DigPilot is a mobile system:

Sensors are easily replaced by the customer. 

If a sensor is replaced, the new one automatically connects when the serial number is entered in the DigPilot. 

Wired and wireless sensors are mounted in the same bracket.